Set Bookmarks To Open In A New Tab In Chrome

Chrome: If you have a few sites that you visit particularly often but you want them to open up in a new tab every time you visit them, reader Java-Princess shows us how to make them do so.

Customise the behaviour of your individual bookmarks in Chrome by wrapping the following javascript around the address:'url');

For the URL, you must include the http:// or you'll get an error. Just apply this to the bookmarks you'd like in a separate tab.

One side effect is the favicon changes to the default one and I have to identify each bookmark with a text ID. If anyone knows how to change back to the original favicon I would be very grateful.

This works great in Chrome, but you'll need to tweak it a bit for Firefox. For Firefox, use:'url');void(0);

Thanks to The_Doc for sharing this one!


    Also holding ctrl while clicking works.....for me

    Text ID rather than favicons kills it for me - why clutter up a streamlined bookmark toolbar with text?

    and what Josh said

    THANK YOU!! Have been looking for this FOREVER!...Last thing I needed to finally ditch FF for good..Ohhh TYTYTY! Wish someone would write a crx for it, but still TYTYTY!

    also, dragging a bookmark up to the tab bar is a pretty handy trick to accomplish the same thing without wrapping in js.

    Place curser on bookmark and press the wheel on the for me

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