13save Finds Regular Alternatives To 13 And 1800 Numbers

iOS: Calls to 13 and 1800 numbers are cheap from a landline, but cost a lot if you have to call from a mobile. App 13save automatically looks up the landline equivalents for common 13 and 1800 numbers so you can call them at lower standard rates.

If your mobile plan includes free regular calls but charges for the 13 and 1800 equivalents, that could be a substantial saving. Of course, with a little Google-fu you could probably find those numbers anyway, but you might find the convenience worth the $2.49 price tag.

13save [iTunes]


    Here's a free alternative for finding local numbers:


    Do you know any others?

      http://www.enumquery.com is another

    Is there a site like this for the general web? Because I have VOIP with iiNet and they charge for 13 number calls, so when I need to call a business, I have to google them and try and find their international number (which can be hard sometimes). Since I don't have an iPhone, is there another alternative web-based version?

    Why do companies bother with 13 and 1800 numbers? They cost most for most of us know because we all use mobile phones.

    It's time that these numbers be retired.

      They exist, because they are easy to remember. Want to call a cab? I know 13CABS will get my a taxi.

      They also exist say you want pizza. You have one phone number for customers to remember, and depending on their location, the closest store gets automatically called. (Unless your on VOIP - then that doesn't work)

      rather, they should be charged same on mobiles as on landlines.

      And normal numbers sound less professional. They should be charged at the same rate and 1800 numbers should be freecall. I though that was the whole idea of them?

    Does anyone know a android alternative?

    I've listed a few here http://www.perthhacks.com/2010/07/use-free-voip-calls-by-avoiding-131300.html

    Westpac (02) 9293 9270
    HSBC (02) 9005 8187
    NAB (03) 8641 9083
    ANZ (03) 9683 9999
    Everyday Money (1300101234) 02 8276 0144
    Ubank (02)87560947
    Commonwealth Bank Netbank (02) 9999 3283
    Qantas Sales, Booking & Flight enquiries, Frequent Flyer enquiries : (03) 9658 5302
    3 Customer Care (02) 9964 4646. You have to ask the operator for "3 Customer care"
    iiNET residential sales (08) 9214 2222
    Bankwest (08) 9449 2840

    Feel free to nominate other essentials you find from http://www.e164.org/non-search.php

    Great idea for an app too but not everyone has an apple

    Just letting you know that we will look at at an android version in the future based on the response to iphone app.
    I would also note that the free sites have very little data for Australia. We pride ourselves on researching the numbers you need. The app allows you to send us a message for any missing numbers and we will find them for you.
    For more info feel free to contact us at [email protected] or follow us on @13saver on twitter
    Julian (13Save Media Contact)

    Sorry also so meant to say that we agree with Ammar that they should be charged the same as for landlines, so we built the app until they do. We are right behind the ACCAN number woman's campaign for fair calls to all. see http://accan.org.au/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=221&Itemid=274

    Really really need an android working version of this and or a site that works more so than the above ones. Over 50% of the time those sites come back with nothing.

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