10 Most Useful Sub-$10 Buys From IKEA

10 Most Useful Sub-$10 Buys From IKEA

We’re very fond of hacking IKEA gear around here, but some of the items the Swedish furniture giant sells are far more versatile than others. Here are the 10 handiest items you can pick up for repurposing the next time you make an IKEA pilgrimage — and every single one is priced under $10.

Picture by Charlie Brewer

10. Large Frakta Bag ($1.99)

messenger bagdressdog coat

9. Kvartal Wall Fitting ($5.00)

Kvartal is the answer$4.99 Baren Hangerhang your Rock Band guitars

8. The As-Is Section

Picture by Ario

7. Rationell Variera Bag Holder ($4.49)

protecting plants from catsmaking a hanging bin for inside your cupboard

6. Bevara Sealing Clips ($4.99)

bread tags

5. Magasin Dish Drainer ($3.99)

laptop standplant stand

4. Lillholmen Toothbrush Mug ($9.99)

by your bed

3. Plastis Ice Cube Trays ($0.99)

$9.99 Inred DVD holder

2. Brada Laptop Support ($9.99)

iPad standsDIY Xbox steering wheel.) [imgclear]

1. Lack Table ($9.99)

You can use it as a Hi-Fi racknetwork rackPC storageeven as a headboard

What bargain IKEA favourites have we missed on this list? Tell us in the comments.

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  • Also, Fintorp magnetic knife rack. $7.99. I have 7 of these in my shed. Great for all my scredrivers, wrenches, pliers tin snips etc. All handily stored upright begind my bench and easily grabbable.

  • Actually i was able to re-purpose the bag sealing clip.

    The wall mounted fan in my bathroom had been making a clinking noise for a year or so then at one point it just stopped spinning. After some investigation, i found that the bad design of the fan meant the motor was too heavy and ended up tilting the fan blades into the housing.

    One side of those bag clips (or one very much like it) was the perfect height to keep the motor supported and the blades at the correct angle.

  • Picked up the LACK square table last weekend. Great little table and also is the same height (and comes in the same colours) as the LACK coffee table. We have a L-shaped lounge so now we have a L-shaped coffee table for $70. We could have bought 3 of these (for $10 each) and cut the cost in half but we wanted the little shelf under the coffee table to reduce the clutter.

    These LACK tables are only lacking in expense!

  • I love the frakta bag! I use it for my laundry, way more convenient than some stupid plastic laundry basket. It’s also really good for moving when you just want to chuck some clothes and get them out of there haha

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