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  • 10 Most Useful Sub-$10 Buys From IKEA

    We’re very fond of hacking IKEA gear around here, but some of the items the Swedish furniture giant sells are far more versatile than others. Here are the 10 handiest items you can pick up for repurposing the next time you make an IKEA pilgrimage — and every single one is priced under $10.

  • Ask LH: Can I Keep My Cordless Tools Charged Up All The Time?

    Dear Lifehacker, Like many other Lifehacker readers, I have the usual collection of cordless power tools that don’t get used quite as often as they should or I’d like. I’ve read that keeping the battery pack constantly charging is no good for the battery. Can you recommend a strategy for ensuring the cordless power tools…

  • Basic Safety Rules To Remember During Renovations

    A five-day weekend is the perfect opportunity to tackle a large-scale renovation project, but it’s also the perfect time to remember not to cause an accident. Here are the key principles you should always bear in mind before embarking on a little DIY.