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Carpet tiles are one of the most cost-effective ways to change your flooring, and also one of the easiest to put in place. Here's what you need to know.


Much renovation and DIY work involves starting with very basic materials -- wood, metal, fastenings and adhesives -- and forming them into new objects. Starting from the basics is always a useful skill, but you should also be ready to recognise when using something pre-made will let you get a better end result.


Dear Lifehacker, Like many other Lifehacker readers, I have the usual collection of cordless power tools that don't get used quite as often as they should or I'd like. I've read that keeping the battery pack constantly charging is no good for the battery. Can you recommend a strategy for ensuring the cordless power tools have the power when you need them but maintaining the battery life? Thanks, Cordless and Powerless


Cycling is a green and fitness-friendly way to get around, and you can save money by assembling the bicycle yourself. However, the experience can sour pretty quickly if you don't have a decent bike. Having busted a bunch of retailers for selling bikes that don't meet Australian safety standards, the ACCC is a useful (if perhaps unexpected) source of bike safety tips.


Going online is a great way to research DIY projects before you start, but the use of different terminology between the US and Australia can make the results confusing. Here's a list of common tool names you might encounter and their local equivalents.


A five-day weekend is the perfect opportunity to tackle a large-scale renovation project, but it's also the perfect time to remember not to cause an accident. Here are the key principles you should always bear in mind before embarking on a little DIY.