Wifi Joiner For Android Shares Your Wi-Fi Network With A QR Code

Wifi Joiner For Android Shares Your Wi-Fi Network With A QR Code

Android: Want a simpler way to allow others to join your Wi-Fi network, without having to give out your WPA code? Wifi Joiner creates a QR code for your network that the other user can scan to easily connect to your wireless network.

Generating a QR code for your network is easy: you can select a Wi-Fi network already configured on your device or enter in the SSID of a new one, then enter the password and the app will generate the QR code for you. You can email the QR code to yourself to print it out or just let the other user scan the QR code from your phone.

The other user will also need Wifi Joiner installed (and Wi-Fi turned on). The app eliminates the hassle of selecting the network and entering in a complicated password, and it keeps your password private (you can also encrypt the password when you create the QR code).

The developer, Vashishtha Jogi, also has this handy website where you can generate the QR code for your wireless network.

Wifi Joiner [Android Market]


  • I liked the idea… at first.

    But you have to install an app, enter your password to generate the QR, and get the other person to install the app too, then scan. A lot of work.

    Or you could just enter the password on their device for them.

    Might be good if you’re running a coffee shop, but can’t see the benefit for the average user.

    • The benefit to the average (paranoid) user is that my password is one that I can never remember, and is a hex key about 16 characters long. It’s far eaier to do the QR code once, then install the app and scan as required.

  • Not much more secure. Why don’t you just take the picture of the QR code and distribute it?

    This is what i got from the QR code

  • Or remember one simple trick i’ve been using for years, use patterns on the keyboard for passwords.

    For example one of my passwords used to be


    It’s obscure, but if you type it on a regular US keyboard it’s quite a simple pattern that i could remember and enter in a second or two, and it’s quite secure unless someone watches you and remembers the pattern.

    Of course my example isn’t android keyboard friendly, but a few tweaks and you can have a long secure password that is easy to remember.

    This is also great for choosing and remembering port numbers.

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