Pulse News Reader Now Saves Stories For Reading Later

Pulse News Reader Now Saves Stories For Reading Later

Android/iOS: Pulse, an elegant news reader that side-scrolls your feeds, has been updated with some great functionality: You can now save stories to the newly launched Pulse.me web service or other read-it-later apps like Instapaper, and sync your starred items with Google Reader.

Despite Pulse’s nice interface, the lack of support for Read It Later and other services, as well as poor Google Reader syncing were dealbreakers for some people. The latest update may draw potential users back.

The free app now lets you star articles to save them to Pulse.me for reading later from your computer, iPhone, iPad, or Android device. At long last, starred newsfeeds will also star them in Google Reader.

The read-it-later functionality sounds a lot like other bookmark-and-read-later apps, Instapaper and Read It Later. While it competes with those services, Pulse also, interestingly enough, integrates with them — you can send saved stories to both Instapaper and Read It Later, as well as Evernote.

The updated app is available in the App Store and Android Market.

Introducing Pulse.me [Pulse Blog via Business Insider]


  • the pulse app on android saves ALL stories to read later – or rather, over and over and over again

    you can’t mark anything as read, so the same stories appear…it’s useless, but the devs think this is a ‘feature’

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