Officeworks Appears To Be Selling A One Cent Carton Of Tissues

Tissues aren't a core Lifehacker topic, but saving money definitely is. So we feel obliged to note that right now on the Officeworks site, there's a carton of 24 boxes of tissues on sale for one cent. (Update: not any more, alas!)

Of course, we need to issue the usual warnings. Chances are that this is a data entry error and will be corrected as soon as Officeworks notices. Officeworks might well choose to honour orders placed before that happens, but as we've learnt with previous pricing errors, that isn't guaranteed (and being all righteous about it if that happens makes you look like a tool, frankly).

The other point is that you'll need to pay shipping for the item. Officeworks delivers free if you spend more than $55, so if you're planning to order something in that price range anyway, the free carton of tissues might be a useful bonus. You can also order items for pick-up in store for a $4.95 handling fee. That still makes the tissues pretty cheap, assuming the offer stands — but I'll point out again that it's probably an error and anything could happen. Thanks Praveen for the spot!

UPDATE: The price has now been adjusted back to $62. We'll wait and see what happens to anyone who actually placed an order.



    I just bought some! Cost me $5. We'll see what happens. :P

    But if you order 5,500 - delivery is free. Can't avoid that $4.95 handling fee but.

    I saw the same thing with a few months ago. They were selling an awesome microsoft webcam for 1 cent. I emailed them to let them know that well glitch or not legally they would have to sell it at that price or its false advertising and they fixed it the next day.

      Jarrad, not correct. They do not have to sell it to you under the laws of contract at that, or any price (

      Also, you will find Consumer Affairs takes into account that mistakes are made, so they will take no action, either.

    Its been fixed now, $62.00... lol :O

    Pretty sure I've seen a few $0.01 things on the Officeworks site from time-to-time. Weird.

    Legal or not, it's a bad look for the company if they don't sell them for that price, or at least a huge discount! It reminds me of the time I heard about the accidental $1 holidays. They lost a lot of money from that, when they didn't have to by law.

    Just got a call from Officeworks saying my tissues are ready for pickup!

    This might be part of the regular Officeworks discounting cycle. Discontinued products get automatically and progressively marked down until they are all sold out. After a few months or so it would begin to drop severely and quickly.

    Printer for 82 cents.. why not? Much better than the 5% employee discount.

    Just got mine. Thanks for the tip.

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