Google+ Hangout Is The Best Free Group Video Chat We've Seen

Lifehacker has been playing around with Google+ all morning, and so far the coolest innovation we've seen — particularly from a productivity standpoint — is the Hangout feature, which creates rooms for you to hang out with your friends, coworkers, or any of your social circles. It's great.

We've tried out various video conferencing solutions before — like Skype's subscription-required, clunky group video calling — and they've never really worked that well. Google Hangout, on the other hand, has so far been really impressive. In fact, the main stumbling block so far seems to be related more to slower connections than to the tool itself.

Check out the video above to see it in action.


    Looks good. Wonder if they'd spread the love to smartphones? Be a nice way to get Android into the buiness phone market I guess.

      here here.

    Would love to try it out, just waiting for my invite. I wonder if the iphone app will support the video chat, that would be great.

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