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Rich Communication Services (RCS) is touted as the messaging system that will, one day, replace SMS. Those with a few grey hairs will remember the early days of SMS when you could only send messages to people on the same network. But once that changed, SMS became a far more useful tool.

RCS is still a carrier specific service but negotiations between the GSMA, which represents carriers, and tech companies suggests we may be moving to a post-SMS future.


Reddit chat rooms are here. As if you didn't spend enough of your 9-to-5 workday browsing /r/aww, /r/explainlikeimfive, /r/bestof, or /r/SubredditDrama, you can now share your thoughts about posts (and life) with real Redditors in real time! Mashing the F5 key to refresh a static comments page is so last year.


Mac: Of all the days to (finally) launch a version of its app for macOS, Houseparty picked yesterday - the start of Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference - to make a big (themed) splash onto Apple desktops and laptops. And while Apple's announcement of FaceTime group hangouts probably took a little wind out of Houseparty's sails, the app is still makes it incredibly easy to chat with a bunch of your friends at once.


Even if your conversational partner can't hear you laughing or see you smiling, it's important to express your appreciation of a joke or a funny story. The many popular options can be boiled down into two types: The hahaha of simulated laughter, and the lol of metaphorical laughter.


Dear Lifehacker, my girlfriend travels a lot for work which means our interactions - including romantic and sexual - are often limited to Skype. Unfortunately, the video quality is usually quite poor. Is there a way to improve the video without buying a new laptop or expensive webcam?