Use QR Codes And Dropbox To Share Event Photos

The next time you plan a party or other social event, you may want to try using a combination of Dropbox and QR codes to get attendees to share their photos online.

It's a sad fact that photos taken at most events end up going straight to Facebook, where they get compressed into a pixelated pulp. The guys over at Unplggd had a bright idea to get around this; they used a QR code on the event posters to collect email addresses, which they then used to invite people to share photos of the upcoming event in a Dropbox folder.

It's definitely not something that would work at every event, but if the people attending are slightly tech-oriented, smartphone-bearing socialites, then it could work out pretty well.

A Slightly Nerdy, But Awesome Way to Share Event Photos [Unplggd]


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