Bittorrent's Latest App Is For Quick Photo Sharing

Think BitTorrent, and you probably think of, well, Game Of Thrones. Not so much photo sharing, but that's what Bittorrent (the company) would much rather you think about.

BitTorrent's Shoot app for iOS, Android and Windows Phone uses a curious mix of technologies, from BitTorrent's Sync technology to good old QR codes, to share single or multiple photos to those able to scan the QR code generated when you collate a series of pictures together. An odd way to approach the issues of sending large picture or video files, and one that could be costly if you're sitting on a mobile data connection, to be sure.

It's a free app for the first three picture sharing experiences, after which a $1.99 charge applies to the sender; receiving is a fee-free experience.

BitTorrent Shoot App: Share Memories Faster :) [Bittorrent]


    Unless it becomes ubiquitous, there'll be nothing "quick" about it. "I want to send you this photo, but you have to download and install this app first".

    Sending a photo as an email attachment is quick and pretty much all smart phones are capable of sending and receiving for free.

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