Shazam For Android Update Adds Unlimited Tagging And Social Features

Android: Music tagging app Shazam now offers Android users unlimited tagging through to the end of the year, and tacked on a social service called Shazam Friends that lets you share tagged songs with friends and view theirs.The last time we really looked at Shazam, we compared it against similar app Soundhound and Soundhound came out ahead. Well, Shazam isn't taking the verdict lying down, and recently partnered with eBay to give Android users unlimited song tagging through January 1, 2012. That means you can tag songs to your heart's content without having to purchase Shazam Encore, the paid version of the app that includes unlimited tagging forever.

Also included in the update is a feature that's already in the iOS version of the app: Shazam Friends. Shazam Friends lets you tag songs anywhere and then share them with friends on Facebook or Twitter with the touch of a button. You can also use Shazam Friends to browse other users' tags, see tags from specific friends, and even listen songs your friends have tagged.

Unfortunately the unlimited tagging is only through to the beginning of next year, but the new social features are here to stay. Android users who already have Shazam installed simply need to update the app to get access to the new features.

Will a tacked-on social network and unlimited tags make you switch from Soundhound, or are you already a Shazam stalwart? Perhaps there's a different app you prefer for music tagging? Let us know in the comments.

Shazam [via Boy Genius Report]


    Tagging is meaningless if it can't recognize the song in the first place, and when it comes to song recognition, SoundHound is king.

    I love me my SoundHound! So no thanks, Shazam.

    Too little too late if you ask me. I don't care about the social tagging thing. I just want to know the name of a song and sound hound foes that. Shazam used to be good until they got greedy. Serves them right

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