Poach Or Roast Sausages Before Grilling (And Other Expert BBQ Tips)

Poach Or Roast Sausages Before Grilling (And Other Expert BBQ Tips)

. Esquire’s “Eat Like a Man Grilling Awards” rounds up some top tips from chefs, butchers and enthusiasts, like this suggestion for cooking sausage for a crowd.Photo by WayTru

In addition to butterflied sausages on the grill or grilling whole sausages over indirect heat, you can poach or roast sausages in the oven until they’re two-thirds of the way cooked and then finish them on a super-hot grill to get that desired char. This might make pre-planning your backyard barbecue party a little easier.

Another cool BBQ method is making beer-can chicken or “chicken on a throne” — a technique Christopher Walken has shown us before in video. Here, Esquire recommends you place the whole chicken on a half-empty beer can. The beer will steam the chicken from the inside while the grill’s heat will crisp up the chicken skin.

Check out the 31-page slideshow for more barbecue recommendations.

The 2011 Eat Like a Man Grilling Awards [Esquire]


  • I usually BBQ a lot of meat and then put it all in the oven for about 20 to 30 mins at about 180 degrees, this means I can quickly toss some sausages and chicken on the BBQ to get the outside cooked, but not burnt, then the oven cooks them through.

  • My protip for cooking sausages is that they bounce when they’re cooked. No need to guess or poke holes in them (and let all the juices out). Just pick them up and let them drop back to the hotplate – if they bounce, they’re done.

  • If you plan on pre poaching you have 2 methods, either wrap the sausages in plastic wrap to stop the water washing out the flavour, or flavour the water to enchance or add flavou e.g cook in chicken stock

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