Evernote's Chrome Extension Updated With Better Clipping

Evernote's Google Chrome extension got a major upgrade today with improved functionality and usability, plus a great new interface. Among the improvements: easier ways to clip blog posts, notes browsing within the extension, and more search engines integration.

The redesigned interface quickly presents options for you to select the notebook and add tags or comments. Another neat feature is the tabbed notes on the bottom which shows you all your saved notes as well as the ones clipped from the website you're visiting.

The "Article Clips" new feature lets you clip the body of a blog post instantly by clicking on the extension (rather than having to highlight the post itself).

Finally, you can now include Evernote notes in Bing and Yahoo! searches (in addition to Google).

Evernote's one of our favourite note-taking and personal project management tools, and it just keeps getting better.

Clip to Evernote extension on Chrome Gallery [via Read Write Web]


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