Don't Rush Into A Solar Power Decision

Converting to solar energy can save you money and help save the planet, but the setup is expensive and there are often high-pressure sales tactics involved. The ACCC is warning consumers to research purchases carefully, and not to feel rushed into a decision in order to grab government subsidies.

ACCC chair Graeme Samuels notes that many solar power equipment providers try and exploit that kind of panic:

Recent advertising by solar retailers about these financial assistance schemes coming to an end can give consumers the false impression they will miss out on savings if they don’t act now. The initial investment in a solar power system can be very expensive, so it is important that retailers don’t pressure householders into rash decisions.

If you want to check on the conditions and potential expiry dates for government subsidy schemes, then the best first port of call is the Office of the Renewable Regulator web site. Following its pursuit of a dubious energy provider through the courts, it seems the ACCC will be keeping a close eye on the "green" market.



    Save the planet?

    Want to show me those IPCC predictions again that are way off?

    Solar hot water >>> Solar PV

    Yep... if you could please show us these IPCC predictions that are way off.

    Educate yourself:

    It is amazing how much people will spend to get a "grant".

    A neighbor has a massive set of solar panels on a steep west facing roof with a 2 trees in front of it!

    PS Que what's the rate for being a Coal Miner's shill?

    Only upper class are rorting the poor to pay for their electricity solar power photovoltaic system on there roof siting back and drinking cappuccino all day and night. They say to them-self “look at me I’m not like those poor polluting the planet”, I am saving the planet, fully green upper class.

    Solar power. Check out all the benefits. Totally worth it:

    Solar-gate rort 7,500 complaints made to the Victoria energy ombudsman over Dysfunctional Solar power grid connected homes, dodgy solar businesses are rorting the system cashing the big bucks using telemarketing campaign promising free solar grid connected to homes. Both side of federal politic are supporting Solar-gate rort, even those complaints exceed that of the pink bats.

    Expert warns more problems with grid solar power NBN.

    Solar power will damage NBN NTU
    Customers are at risk for near by renewable energy power, there is a risk of not able to make a phone call on NBN NTU network termination unit.
    Fibre optic converter needs main power in order for the unit to work, Ausgrid has reported gird solar power found to cause high voltage power surges which has damage household appliances and can cause the same damage to the NTU on NBN with street transformers shutting down across the network leaving NBN network without power to operate. The NBN now been expose to a new risk of failures as the NBN sources its power from street line were solar powered house are connected.

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