ACCC Pursuing Green Power Provider Through The Courts

ACCC Pursuing Green Power Provider Through The Courts

Just because a product claims to be “green” doesn’t mean it will always deliver on that promise, and actually checking up on it can be difficult. So it’s reassuring to know that regulatory bodies do keep an eye on this stuff. Right now, the ACCC is taking green energy supplier Global Green Plan back to court for failing to actually deliver on its promise of selling environmentally-friendly power plans.

Back in 2009, Global Green Plan was ordered by the Federal Court to purchase 4,137 Renewable Energy Certificates (RECS), which in very simple terms represent energy that has been generated in a sustainable fashion. The company was obliged to do so by the end of November 2010; according to the ACCC, that hasn’t happened, and it has now issued proceedings against Global Green Plan alleging contempt of court. A hearing takes place on April 21.

The lesson for consumers? Buying environmentally-friendly products is a good idea, but make sure that the provider actually delivers what it promises, and do some research before signing up for anything. If you’re in any doubt, look elsewhere.



  • I say go after all those Solar Panel companies that promised the end to your electricity bill if they installed a $25K solar panel array on your roof.

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