What Do You Do When Your Favourite Websites Go Down?

With the recent Amazon EC2 outage bringing down popular sites like Reddit and Quora, serious downtime is on the minds of a lot of users. When sites go down for a considerable amount of time, what do you do?Do you abandon the site or service for another? Do you wait patiently for it to come back online? Do you complain to the site and request better redundancy? Or do you just got outside and enjoy a break from the time sink that is the internet? Let us know how you deal with extended downtime in the comments.

Photo by Chris Phan


    Read a book? Go outside? Phone your mum? I'm a real geek but I feel sorry for those who can't think of anything else to do when a site is down.

    Only thing worse is tweeting about the downtime, or worse still moaning that paid users are still getting access whilst those who haven't supported the service are not (in the case of reddit's recent issues...).

    Well, I was faced with a situation when the power went out for a while (which is like a website downtime), and my conclusion was that I was doomed.


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