Make A CD And Suction Cup Returning-At Indicator

Make A CD And Suction Cup Returning-At Indicator

Playing off an idea we highlighted a couple weeks back that involved using a CD and suction cup as a dirty dish indicator, DIYer Sean Ragan put together this simple printable status dial project.

The project is pretty self explanatory — print out Sean’s template and apply it to the CD, pop a suction cup into the centre of the CD and affix the pointer, and you’re done. Clever and simple, just how we like it. Check the full how-to over on Make for more detailed steps, the printable template and plenty of pictures.

CD / Suction Cup Status Dial [Make Projects]


  • Did something similar once with a completely scratchbuilt cardboard version which indicated what kind of task I had left my desk to go do.

    Some manager somewhere had gotten paranoid about not knowing what I was doing every second of the day, and the disc allowed him to believe he knew.

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