Make A Book Sling With An IKEA Towel Rail

Make A Book Sling With An IKEA Towel Rail

Most people store their books on bookshelves, but if you want a place to hold books in the bathroom, by the side of your bed, or just somewhere without much space, a towel rack book sling is a nice hack you can accomplish for very little money.This sling is made possible by the IKEA GRUNDTAL towel rail and a homemade fabric sling. The design-obsessed mums over at Rookblog share how they put it together:

I measured my fabric for my sling, adding a generous allowance on all sides for the casing and hems (1 inch in my case). I then hemmed the (short) sides of the rectangle (making sure the finished width matched the width of the rail) and then sewed the casings for the rails on the long sides. I then simply unscrewed the rails, slipped the sling on and…voila!

Seems like a nice, easy solution if you’re in the market for a space-saving book sling.

DIY Book Sling (an Ikea Hack!) [Rookblog via IKEA Hackers]


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