Keep Kids Stain-Free During Mealtimes With IKEA Sealing Clips

Once kids reach the age of two they are considered too old to wear a bib — and yet most of them are still incredibly messy eaters. Here’s a cheap solution from IKEA Hackers that will help to keep stained clothing to a minimum.

To keep your children from messing up their clothes during mealtime, simply attach some IKEA Bevara sealing clips to a tea towel to create a makeshift smock. You can get a set of 30 Bevara clips for $1.99, while IKEA tea towels start at 49 cents. Explains the inventor:

Grab a tea towel (the IKEA ones actually do work best – perfect size and thickness), a large clip, and voila; you’ve got a neck-all-the-way-down-to-the-ankles protector. Grab a smaller clip and keep long pigtails from falling into the food — they are so great for this as even very fine hair doesn’t get stuck in the clips since there’s no hinge!

We’re not entirely convinced that this solution is any less demeaning to the child than fitting them out in a baby’s bib. Nevertheless, if you want little Johnny to have pristine tracky dacks, it’s either the clips or plain bread for lunch. We’re pretty sure most kids would prefer the former.

[Via IKEA Hackers]

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