Last Week’s Top Ten Posts

The new ‘Natty Narwhal’ version of Ubuntu was high on everybody’s list, along with contemplating Borders closing and alternatives to Google. Kick off your Monday by checking out the ten most popular posts from Lifehacker Australia last week:

  1. First Look At Ubuntu Linux 11.04 ‘Natty Narwhal’ Beta
    Most Ubuntu Linux releases change a few things here and there, upgrade the default software packages, and perhaps upgrade the look of your desktop a bit. Not Ubuntu 11.04, code-named “Natty Narwhal”.
  2. Why Borders’ Closing Down Sale Isn’t That Exciting
    Borders is closing all but nine of its Australian stores. That means that the closing stores must be a bonanza of cheap books, right? Wrong.
  3. When Not To Google: Searches You’re Better Off Making Elsewhere
    For the searching you do every day, go ahead and use the powerful, convenient, ever-improving Google. But for certain queries, other search engines are significantly better. Let’s dig into the searches you’re better off making at engines other than Google.
  4. Five Best Desktop Customisation Tools
    Your desktop is your virtual home, and much like your real home, customising it to fit your needs and style can make the difference between between a drab and depressing workspace and one you’re excited to work on. Here’s the five most popular tools for the job on Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  5. Top 10 Micro-Apps For Windows And Mac OS X
    Your Windows system tray and Mac OS X menubar have become prime real estate for highly functional micro-applications that provide easy access to information, settings and tasks. Here are our top ten favourites for both Windows and Mac.
  6. Ubuntu 11.04 Beta Previews The Unity-Based Linux Desktop
    All systems: The next version of Ubuntu’s Linux desktop, due out April 28, will feature some really big changes, including a very new desktop shell running Unity, a “Test Drive” for apps, and a default LibreOffice installation. Try it all out and see how it runs with the public beta.
  7. Pack Your Suitcase As Efficiently As A Flight Attendant
    The New York Times featured the packing strategies of flight-attendant Heather Poole, who frequently lives out of a carry-on for 10 days at a time. With baggage fees higher than ever, knowing how to efficiently pack a carry-on can save you a bunch of money when travelling by air. Here’s how to do it.
  8. Glass Onion Is A Calming, Minimalist Windows 7 Theme
    Glass Onion is a beautiful Windows 7 theme by deviantART user SolMiler, that’s really two themes in one: dusk and dawn. It features a similar glassy look to the standard Windows 7 user interface, but smoother, simpler and cleaner.
  9. Lifehacker Vs Kotaku: Is There Any Point To The Xperia Play?
    In my review of the Xperia Play last week, I mentioned that Mark from our sibling gaming site Kotaku was not at all keen on the device. Given that the Xperia Play represents a relatively rare moment when the subject matter for Kotaku and Lifehacker collide, we figured it was worth going head-to-head to discuss the merits of what happens when an Android phone meets a Sony controller. Here’s what went down.
  10. Avoid Frequent Discharges To Extend Your Battery Life
    People spread a lot of information about smartphone and laptop batteries these days, but we get a lot of mixed messages, some of which are just incorrect. Here’s how to take care of your battery for the best battery life possible.

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