Ubuntu 11.04 'Natty Narwhal' Now Available

Ubuntu Linux, easily one of the most popular Linux distributions available today, is out with what may be its most significant set of changes to date. 11.04 "Natty Narwhal" has brought with it not just major version jumps for nearly every core app and service, but also a completely revamped Unity interface.Earlier this month, we took an extensive tour through a beta release of Ubuntu's latest iteration, and things have only gotten better since then. The betas may have been rough around the edges, but 11.04 is now stable and it feels the part.

Love it or hate it, Unity is clearly here to stay. It's been through a major update since 10.10, and it's not just for netbooks anymore, either. The interface does sit atop the GNOME Desktop Environment, though — so things aren't so different once you get past the layout and some basic controls.

Ubuntu 11.04 is also available in several variants, called derivatives by Canonical (the company behind Ubuntu), which include Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Edubuntu and more. These derivatives allow users to have all the updated features of the underlying OS while using the interface of their choosing, like KDE or XFCE.

As always, Ubuntu is free to download for everyone.



    Gorgeous! The ugly duckling (Linux) has turned into a beautiful swan (Ubuntu)!

    I'm still not sold on unity - It's a really good interface for netbooks, and I am annoyed by the loss of vertical space gnome 2.x causes sometimes...but I still can't quite find myself enjoying unity on a multi-screen desktop. Between unity and gnome shell, I might have to jump ship to enlightenment or xfce to keep my desktop the way I like it.

    This is a very bad move by canonical.Even though users can opt for classic, unity, or gnome-shell (gnome3), i believe they underestimated the time they would need to integrate all the major changes and get the product finished. I installed 1.04 beta version a few weeks ago and it worked. Today I installed the release version and there were problems, to many to list. but I used two different iso's from two different mirror sites and the results were identical. everything ranging from a bad install to inability to log in - after the 5th attempt i gave up.
    Unity desktop is a load of useless horse fart anyway. 2/10 for trying, canonical !

    I am currently using the 10.04 LTS release of Ubuntu (which you can still download from the website as well as 11.04). Once you install all the upgrades to 10.04, it runs perfectly. I have never had any problems. I have tried the new Unity Interface but loathed it, so went back to 10.04 LTS...

    They total ruined the desktop in this release. Unity is just a big step back in functionality. The only good thing about it is that it looks better than GNOME. With this release I'm switching to Kubuntu. KDE looks even better and more importantly it is much more functional and has some features not available on any other computer desktop.

    I just upgraded and I am having some major issues. Gnome desktop was always beautifully compatible with nvidia dual monitors setups. With unity I am unable to rotate my second monitor to vertical. Unity apparently doesn't support xinerama which is necessary for rotation. I will most likely be doing a cli install and then setting up a different desktop environment.

    I hate UNITY too.
    I want my desktop back, my cube, my cylinder and all the fancy things that made me turn to Ubuntu and I made others to turn to Ubuntu.
    I don’t want anybody to tell me how I work on my screen and cut me off my habits.
    I want improvements.
    Since I upgraded to 11.04 my graphics went slow or messed up altogether and OF COURSE compiz started to act funny, slow and became unusable.
    I think that Unity was made for dummy touch-pads, not for real computers.
    SOLUTION: I’ll turn back to my 10.4 WITH COMPIZ

    Well, I actually like the final version of Unity on a real netbook instead of on Virtualbox.

    The problems getting Unity running on the recent Virtualbox did annoy me, but on a real computer it is quite functional.

    I also tried Gnome 3. I can't use both that and Unity on the same netbook and had to reinstall everything after I tried. But Gnome 3 doesn't float my boat like Unity does.

    I couldn't adjust icon sizes on Gnome 3, on a netbook it didn't look great at all and Unity is the clear winner of the two.

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