Ubuntu 11.04 Beta Previews The Unity-Based Linux Desktop

Ubuntu 11.04 Beta Previews The Unity-Based Linux Desktop

All systems: The next version of Ubuntu’s Linux desktop, due out April 28, will feature some really big changes, including a very new desktop shell running Unity, a /”Test Drive” for apps, and a default LibreOffice installation. Try it all out and see how it runs with the public beta.

The best way to try out the beta is to load it onto a USB stick for no-install launching — we recommend UNetbootin for that task. Download the proper ISO (the x86 “Desktop” option in most cases), plug in your USB stick, then launch UNetbootin and choose the option to manually point to an ISO.

If you’ve been using Ubuntu 11.04 “Natty Narwhal” in its alpha stages, or have put in some time with the beta, tell us what you like, and if the Unity desktop has won you over, in the comments. Ubuntu 11.04 is a free download for any system.

Ubuntu 11.04 Beta [Ubuntu]


  • Ive been using the alpha 11.04 for a while. Unity was frustrating and uncomfortable for a few days, but now weeks have gone by, Im a convert. I love how fast it is. I aways get frustrated when i boot back to windows after getting used to the speed of ubuntu

  • I had made the switch from Windows to Ubuntu 10.1 last year for my personal laptop, but had to continue using Windows for work. Ubuntu 10.1 is a joy to use and boots in less than 25 seconds and shuts down in about 10 seconds.

    I was not initially happy with the switch to Unity UI in 11.04. However, with over a month of use during the last to Alpha versions, I think it is great and represents the best of Windows and Mac UI features.

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