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We routinely publish more than 25 posts a day here at Lifehacker, and we appreciate that can make it a challenge to keep up. If you're feeling swamped, we've also got Facebook, Twitter and RSS options to help you stay on top of our latest tips and features.

  • If you want a hand-picked selection of the best stories from each day, head over and 'like' our Facebook page. We also occasionally post links here that don't end up on the main site, and we'll be using it for competitions in the near future, so it's worth getting on board even if you're happy using one of the other options for your day-to-day Lifehacker needs.
  • Our Twitter feed links to every Australian story on the site, so it's a great choice if you want to focus on our local coverage.
  • Our RSS feed covers everything we publish from both Australia and the US. Not sure how to use an RSS feed? Check out our beginner's guide.

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    I very much like that you use your RSS, Facebook and Twitter feeds for different things, rather than just posting the exact same update in 3 different places every single time. Something a lot of other sites could learn a lesson from.

    Cheers for the rss feeds! Being trying to squeeze more content on my android. A good plain free rss reader for the android I use is; "Sparse rss" at


    Yes love Lifehacker but why do you set your RSS Feed to be just a snippet thus forcing us to your website to read more - truly unhelpful especially when reading offline.

    Besides generating traffic, why do you do this? it's annoying!

      Generating traffic is what keeps us viable as a business. Also, some people complain about full-feed RSS, because they want to be able to scan posts quickly -- that would be trickier with our longer posts.

      In any event, we've run posts before on how to build full-feed RSS from any site if that's what you really want.

        Ok makes sense & I will track down those posts on getting full feed RSS, thanks.

    When I wanna read it redirects to WHY?

    Alos, has become awful to read in an RSS reader. I use feeddemon and have tried feedreader. It freezes the applications.

    In a browser, is simply awful to visit, cos it requires javascript to work properly... that with NOSSCRIPT turned on, it doesn't work.

    I have given up visiting that site, and will probably do the same with

      Visitors from Australian IPs are redirected to the site. If you want to access the US site, you can always do so via

        But why? If I type in I expect it to go there..... If I type in then I expect to got there...

          Short answer: it's part of the licensing deal, and reflects the fact that the .au site is customised for an Australian audience.

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