Vodafone iPhone 3GS Pricing Has Prepaid, Tether Bundles

vodafone3gsJust two days ahead of launch, Vodafone has revealed its iPhone 3GS pricing. The postpaid deals aren't much cheaper than last time, but there are prepaid plans on offer as well, unlike Optus, which revealed its pricing earlier this week.

While Optus' most heavily-promoted deal is $99 a month, Vodafone is pinning its 3GS hopes on a $69 iPhone Cap plan, which includes the 16GB model of the phone, 1GB of data, $400 in calls and free Vodafone-to-Vodafone calls on evenings and weekends. For heavier users, $114 a month gets unlimited calls and 2GB of data. (Both require 24 month contracts).

For prepaid users, Vodafone will offer the 8GB model for $759, the 16GB for $929 and the 32GB for $1129. Vodafone stores will begin selling the phones from Friday, with some opening at 7am. 3 (now part of the Vodafone group in Australia) won't be selling the 3GS until July.

Unlike Optus, Vodafone isn't trying for a tethering charge, but will offer extra data packs for heavy tethering users, costing $24.95 for 1GB or $29.95 for 2GB. At that higher level, a standalone dongle for your PC will provide better value. In any event, those packs aren't being made available until August — until then users can only use the data supplied with their plan, which might be a move designed to minimise initial network impact after release.

Vodafone iPhone 3GS Pricing.


    Ok so on first pass, Vodafone is definitley beating optus in the price factor. Can anyone comment on Vodafones 3G network however?

      Voda network is much better, I have a iphone on optus and BB on Vodafone. I end up having to use the BB quite often because of Optus' crappy coverage (and I am not in outback, I am at surfersparadise), at best, calls are ok but 3G data doesnot work.

    so no iphone on 3 mobile till August??

    persoanlly, i think that vodafone has the worst 3G coverage, but that won't stop me from switching from Telstra Next G which is really good, to vodafone so that i can get it prepaid... i just need $160 by friday....

    which vodafone stores will be opening early at 7 on friday?

    Where did this August info come from for Three? They have July on their website and in an e-mail sent out today. http://store.three.com.au/Apple-iPhone-3G-Coming-Soon?cid=240

      D'oh! Typo. Fixed.

    Is Vodafone 3G as slow as Optus 3G? I live in metropolitan Melbourne and coverage isn't an issue, but speed definitely is. Of course I'm not expecting it to rival Telstra, but Optus appears barely functional at times.

    The most preposterous thing is the $59 cap for the 16gb iphone 3GS. You have to pay the $59 plus $10 a month for the phone, so you end up being liable for $69 each month. On the other hand is the $69 cap, which doesn't require any additional money for the phone.

    So you have to caps, both of which have you paying $69 a month. But the first gives you half the data, and $50 less call/text money. Insane.

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