Ubuntu 11.04 Lets You 'Test Drive' Applications Without Installing

Ubuntu's store-like Software center was the first step in making applications much easier to find and install for the Linux desktop. The next step: letting users try out apps without having to even commit to a temporary installation.As shown in the demonstration video, apps are loaded and streamed from Ubuntu's servers in a quick pop-up window. It won't work for every app, and the next Ubuntu (11.04, due April 28) isn't finalised yet, but it's an intriguing idea and preview. [Web Upd8 via Download Squad]


    Very clever use of NX. Given I only access my Ubuntu home server's GUI via NX (as it has no keyboard, screen or mouse) I wonder how the NX over NX would perform....

    Nice have to give this one a go

    I hate 11.04...it is much too dramatic and one cannot find what one is looking for, unlike 10.10..they need to start all over!!!!!

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