IE9 Will Be Available For Download From 3PM

The final release version of Internet Explorer 9 should hit Microsoft's servers at 3PM AEST today. It will also eventually appear for Vista and Windows 7 users via Windows Update, but that process may not happen for up to 12 weeks. We were quite taken with IE9 in beta, and even if your own browser allegiance goes elsewhere, at least your non-tech relatives will likely soon have an HTML5-compliant browser. [Microsoft]


    I think its already up on there servers:

    yuh it is i downloaded it 20 mins ago :)

    If my Aunt ever decides to upgrade from Windows 95 and a dialup modem, she too can partake in the enjoyment that is IE9!

    I'm fine with Firefox 4 thanks

    Too bad, it isn't available for win xp.

      Seriously Ammar, Upgrade to Windows 7 it will be the best move you can do... I moved to Vista and that was the worse move I ever did and went back to Windows XP then used a OSX machine for a while then upgraded my older PC to Windows 7 to have a look and will never look back, use it every day for at least 8-12 hours and not a single issue since its launch date on a range of PC’s I’ve got.

    where can I get the Mac version?

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