Why IE And Google Apps Won’t Play Nice

Why IE And Google Apps Won’t Play Nice

Using Google Apps in your enterprise? If you’re running Internet Explorer as the main corporate browser, then you’re potentially in for a world of pain if you are running IE9 or earlier.

Google’s official policy is to support the “current and prior” versions of non-Chrome browsers. Since IE11 is now available, support for IE9 is being ditched:

Google’s test plans have been adjusted to now stop all testing and engineering work related to Internet Explorer 9 (IE9), as Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) was released on 17 October 2013. End users who access Gmail and other Google Apps services from an unsupported browser will be notified within the next few weeks through an in-product notification message or an interstitial pages with information about modern browsers and how to upgrade to them.

Yes, we know: if you’re committing to Google Apps, committing to Chrome also makes sense. But that doesn’t always happen. As Google Operating System points out, since IE11 is effectively only active on Windows 8.1, the support policy isn’t quite as generous as it might sound.


  • Not supporting an older browser is one thing, I work with a CMS that doesn’t support a NEWER browser. Try and drag and drop parts around on the page, and it won’t work, because the ActiveX component that does drag and drop (that combination of words makes you die a little, yeah?) hasn’t been written to work with IE 11.

  • Goddam IE. I write cloud software for enterprises. Some of them are still running IE7, and thats a corporate decision they are willing to defend for ‘security & compatibility’ reasons. Sigh.

  • im really sick of the MS/google pedantics.
    grow the hell up, make life easier for everyone and play nice!

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