Facebook Comments Now Submitted With Enter Key

A small but potentially useful modification on Facebook — if you're commenting on someone else's post, you now hit Enter to submit it (rather than using the Share button). This change doesn't apply to status updates, and you can use Shift+Enter if you do want a multi-line comment. Thanks Matthew!


    If you make a comment, and I think if nobody else sees it.. when you go to delete it, it gives you an option to edit it..

    as much as I love the simplicity, this is a terrible idea for immature users as it allows them to spam comments just by pressing CTRL+V enter repeatedly.

    This is a massive pain in the arse as my comments are almost always multiple paragraphs... so now I keep sending half-baked posts that make no sense :(

      You can still do multi paragraph comments btw ... shift+Enter does the trick.

        . . . which is mentioned in the post!

        Yes, but considering how much I type during the day using plain vanilla 'enter' to insert a carriage return, using shift-enter instead is completely forgotten 99% of the time.

        I wish there was a way to turn off this, and the stupid photo viewer. You can use NoScript (or similiar) to disable scripting which then allows you to use the old photo viewer... but it also disables your ability to post :(

    I hate this feature - it has already got me in trouble once.

    I was incredibly annoyed about this until I found about the shift+enter thing just now.

    Now I wish it was made a little more obvious.

    I don't like it because it seems to have disabled my ability to post comments.


    and add-ons for most major browsers to change it back. you can thank me later

    Also, you can tag people in comments now (same method as statuses eg @Angus Kidman)

    How is this useful? No one wants Facebook comment sections to be used like chat. Having to usehe SHIFT key to get to a new line is idiotic. IT will make comments look like htey wre written by immature 12 year olds with one long run on senece.

    But what to do if hitting "enter" only submits a new line and will not actually submit the comment? I can't tell if it's a bug or if there's some sort of setting on my keyboard I've accidentally toggled.

      That is the exact same problem I have. I am unable to send messages or post anything that requires the enter key (which is almost everything now) because it just enters a new line.

      Anyone know of a solution?

    I keep trying to comment on a post and its just making a new line how do I get it to send with the enter key

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