Facebook Adds Recurring Events Feature

Got a weekly game night you host with your friends? Or a regular study group you want to keep track of? Facebook now lets you create repeating events, so you don't have to enter them from scratch every time.

When you create a new event, click the Gear button in the upper right-hand corner to make it a repeating event. It will copy the details into the new event and even invite all the same people. It's a great way to keep track of who's coming to this week's regular get-together, and help keep people notified of when it's happening.

I built a new feature for Events [Bob Baldwin via Mashable]


    "Person A has invited you to the event, 'GET FIVE HUNDRED FREE FARMVILLE CREDITS NOW!!!'. This event occurs every day until 2066".

    I wouldn't call this "recurring" events though. You can create a repeat of an event but you have to do them manually for each one. You can't create a "recurring" weekly event.

    "Recurring events feature" .. really? More like a copy-paste feature.

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