Adblock Plus For Chrome Updates, Finally Almost As Good As Firefox Version

Adblock Plus For Chrome Updates, Finally Almost As Good As Firefox Version

Chrome: Adblock Plus – the ad-blocking browser extension that does exactly what the name implies – has just updated on Google Chrome with significant improvements and is now basically on par with the quality of the Firefox version.

Adblock Plus is one of those extensions that have kept some Firefox users from switching over to Chrome, and while the official ABP team had released a Chrome version of the popular Firefox extension, it still wasn’t nearly as good. As of this latest release, however, Adblock Plus for Chrome:

1. Can understand the same filters as the Firefox version; now all ads are blocked (previously some were just hidden)

2. Has better filter matching performance.

3. Can block video-ads on Youtube much more reliably and free of side-effects.

Till from the ABP team tells us:

It is still in beta as it doesn’t have the same user interface as the Firefox version yet. But we feel that a major step has been achieved in order to finally have reliable ad-blocking without negative side-effects on performance for Chrome users who previously had to live with immature solutions.

You can grab the latest version from the link below. Adblock Plus is available for Firefox and Chrome.

Adblock Plus for Chrome | Adblock Plus for Firefox


  • Has it stopped being a massive memory hog? When I had it installed a few months back, it regularly chewed up around 700 MB of memory after just a few days. I ended up having to restart Chrome every day or two.

    • Word! It’s insane how much memory extensions use these days!!
      This example is particularly horriffic.

      Is it impossible to write an extension that uses less than 17MB? Is that what “hello, world” would use?

      Add to amazon wishlist: 25MB WTF?
      Google Sidewiki: 26MB Wha?
      Google Voice: 25MB: (OK; it has a lot to do and 25MB is less than most.
      Lastpass: 48MB. (OK, it has a lot to do, so not as egregiously bad.)
      Secbrowsing: 18MB Wha?
      Window Close Protector: 18MB Wha?
      Freshstart: 17MB Wha?
      WOT: 29MB Wha?

      4 of these do one simple thing; shouldn’t me more than a few lines of code!

    • @Jake: True, but I think Life Hacker takes the approach that its better to write articles that appeal best to their readers, rather than only articles in their best interest. I know that they’ve long suggested that ad blocking extensions are used sparingly in cases where webpages are overloaded with ads, where as the design here is pretty minimalistic for advertisements.

    • What? Where? At least Chrome doesn’t doesn’t freeze when large Flash plugins unload.

      OT: Ooh, almost time to ditch FF for good! Now all they need is to make the dev-tools to be as user-friendly as Firebug and I’m sold.

  • “… basically on par with the quality of the Firefox version.”

    where did this come from? this is not true at all. Chrome’s ABP is awful at blocking video ads.

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