Antisocial For Chrome Is Like Adblock For Social Media Widgets

You might have online ads under control with Adblock, but there's another element to your average website that's gained a foothold — social media buttons. Fortunately, there's a way to banish these doodads and widgets, be they from Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter or the various other networking or sharing sites.

For Firefox, you can install the Wallflower add-on we've talked about previously. For Chrome, there's Antisocial, which wipes out widgets for the following social media sites:

- Add This - Digg - Facebook - Google Plus - Linkedin - Meebo bar - Pinterest "Pin It" button - widgets - Reddit - ShareThis - StumbleUpon badge - Tumblr Button - Tweetmeme button - Twitter - Wibiya toolbar - VK widgets

A nice bonus is that if you visit any of the sites responsible for these elements directly, Antisocial will disable itself automatically — the assumption being if you've gone their under your own volition, then you probably want to see the content.

If you're already running Adblock, you can use the list over at Adversity for similar functionality, but it's nice to have the two as separate plug-ins for more flexibility over your browsing experience.

AntiSocial [Chrome Web Store, via gHacks]


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