Suspended Lamps And Whiteboard Walls: The Austin Offices Of Dachis Group

Suspended Lamps And Whiteboard Walls: The Austin Offices Of Dachis Group

My uncle Jeff has always made an effort to put together some pretty fun spaces, whether it’s at home or in the office. I asked him to share his workspace this week. Here’s a look into the Austin offices of Dachis Group and how they came to be.

Michala Monroe, the designer, shares how (and why) everything came together:


“The overall design of the space focuses on being a contemporary interpretation of Danish Modern style. Design classics are scattered throughout the space and mixed with lesser known pieces to create unexpected moments, while keeping the budget in check.

IdeaPaint was used in each of the conference rooms as a replacement for standard white boards. The ‘white board paint’ makes collaboration easy on large surfaces.

The conference rooms were uniquely named by Dachis Group staff. ‘The Original’ (the conference room that came with the original office layout), ‘The War Room’ (contains art with tiny Army men glued to a wood panel), ‘The Panic Room’ (the most popular, as it is a small enclosure close to the kitchen, with comfortable seating), and “The Elephant Room” (a name which still remains a mystery).


The main lounge holds the DJ station along with lots of comfortable seating for a more relaxed work environment.

The heavy use of lamps (desk, wall mounted, and floor) pleases CEO Jeff Dachis, with his serious loathing of the existing overhead fluorescents, while also creating a more interesting use of light and giving the open workspace a more intimate feel.”

The design is unfinished and a few final touches are still necessary, plus the offices will be expanding in the near future. Nonetheless, the workspaces still find a pleasant harmony between fun and elegance.

The artwork featured in the office is by Ryan McGinness and the interior design by Michala Monroe.

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