Loader Droid Gives You Full Control Over Your Android Downloads

Android: Mobile devices aren't the best for downloading files without getting interrupted. Loader Droid aims to change that with an impressive download manager.

Combined with the free LD Ultimate Link Interceptor extension, Loader Droid can intercept a wide variety of file formats. The app can pause and resume downloads, even if your connection breaks. It can also automatically sort your files into certain folders based on file type (for example, you can send pictures to one folder, videos to another).

Unfortunately, it can't intercept downloads built in to an app, like a Spotify playlist. It does, however, work with anything you can acquire through the regular Downloads app or via the Share menu.

Loader Droid (free) [Google Play] LD Ultimate Link Interceptor (free, requires Loader Droid) [Google Play]


    The Google Play link is wrong. It goes to Droid-life about a Verizon handset.

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