How To Force Your Mac To Stay Awake Indefinitely Via The Command Line

Menubar app Caffeine can keep your Mac from falling asleep for a set amount of time, but if you want to control sleep yourself, through the OS X Terminal, you can do so very easily with a simple command.

User Ricket on StackExchange shares this neat little command line tip. To keep your Mac awake, all you have to do is open Terminal on your Mac (Macintosh HD -> Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal) and enter the following command:

pmset noidle

When you're ready to allow your machine to sleep again, you just need to press Control + C.

pmset noidle [Stack Exchange]


    You can also use Caffeine which you can download for free from its website or through the app store.=)

    hang on, to keep your mac from going to sleep you need to use a program or run the cmd line,

    am i missing something or is windows just have that function with its screen saver in built.

    or unless sleep means something different for macs

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