CarGrabber Aggregates Used Car Search Results

Looking to buy a used car? CarGrabber gathers together results from multiple used car sites so you can quickly build a shortlist of prospective purchases.

You can enter detailed search criteria (including manufacturer, model, kilometres on the clock location), or use the Quick Grab buttons to get all the vehicles in a given category. The site doesn't have a direct list of which other sites it indexes, but Drive, Carbuddy, Countrycars and Trading Post all appear to feature. I didn't spot any links to Carsguide or CarPoint, which are two of the largest sites, but there's still a pretty broad selection.

Running an aggregation site isn't always easy, as the sites whose results get collected aren't always pleased to see that happen. Presuming it can dodge those issues, CarGrabber is a useful resource for prospective vehicle buyers. It's a free site, requires registration if you want to save search results.



    Tried it on my favourite search with a couple of variations. The updating numbers of available cars that changes as you choose options is good.

    Pity that the numbers of available cars on the first page didn't actually turn into hits on the results page.

    And editing the search results from the results page is buggy - it drops options.

      Sorry that you had some problems editing the results. Can you explain a bit about the problem and we'll fix it

    I had similar problem to Simon. I searched on VW Golfs and VW Passats creating two "My Shortlists" the first one for Golf, the second for Passat. Cargrabber changed my Passat Shortlist to Golf and put it at the top. There is no feature to try and rename, however Cargrabber's error should not have occurred in first place.

    Looks like a great service. Tried it out late last year when it was launched. Anything that helps you get a broader picture of what is available is good.

      Thanks everyone for your comments.They're very useful as we continually work to improve the functionality of If you would like to leave specific feedback about features on CarGrabber, please email us directly via this page:
      so we can repond to you quickly.

    cant even get on site ,previous user ,no amount of trying helps

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