Wikifloods Helps Link Flood Victims And Offers Of Help

Wikifloods Helps Link Flood Victims And Offers Of Help

Queensland’s flood worries aren’t yet over, but the biggest long-term challenge will be rebuilding local communities. If you want to volunteer goods or services to help with that, the Wikifloods site provides a handy means of doing s.

Based on a similar site set up for the Victorian bushfires of 2008, the site lets individuals and businesses list goods which they’re willing to donate, while people affected by the floods can list their needs and make requests from the donations already listed. Doing that should, as the site says, “allow donors of goods and services to be matched with those in need in a way that won’t be a drain on the resources of the various authorities”. If you want to help out fellow Aussies who have been struck by this natural disaster, this is a good way to get started.(Of course, cash donations to the Premier’s Appeal are very welcome too.)



  • New website just launched this weekend:

    The concept is really simple – any business with available resources or facilities (anything from a desk space in a dry office to spare computers, cold storage and transport) can put in their details, which will then be available for searching. There is obviously no cost, and entering details only takes a few seconds.

    Any business that has been affected by the floods can then search for different services or facilities to help them carry on with business while their own premises are restored to working condition.

    Please note that we have just launched this yesterday, so there aren’t many listings yet … which is why we need you to help get word out. Any business that needs help should keep checking back in the coming days if they can’t find what they need yet.

    If we can help just one business continue to trade while their premises are restored then we’ve probably saved several jobs and livelihoods !

    Please help us by distributing the URL to the public, business owners, Twitter/Facebook, and the media as soon as possible.

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