SaveABusiness Helps Co-Ordinate Assistance For Queensland Businesses

Last week we told you about Wikifloods, a site designed to connect needy victims of the Queensland floods with people willing to donate goods and services to them. SaveABusiness is a similar venture, but with a focus on helping affected business access resources they need to keep operating.

Like Wikifloods, the site lets businesses seeking resources list what they need, while people can also log offers of assistance (including sensible ideas such as the loan of a 3G modem). I suspect that social networks such as Facebook and Twitter will be the first port of call for many people seek post-flood help, but this is a handy way to look outside that circle.



    I think a post needs to be made about
    Much like the wikifloods website but much better UI and a lot more publicity behind it.

    Thank you SO much for getting this out there. Readers: Please retweet etc asap so we can get publicity for more donations.

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