Watch Tux Flying Over Adelaide In A Balloon

I'm not making any great productivity claims here, OK? But this video — of Tux being flown over Adelaide by Project Horus, a high-altitude balloon project that uses open source technology — was just too cool not to share during Linux Week 2011. And it is a public holiday, after all.


    Heh, that's my friend Joel doing the launch (in the OLPC/XO green t-shirt). This was his project

    Had a feeling Joel had something to do with this...

    WOW, that's an amazing video. kudos guys, you made that penguin's dreams come true.

    Love the Farmer's Union shot at the end.

    Tux looks a little dubious about the whole enterprise.

    From about 50 Seconds till he lands. You can see Tux saying " OK. Guy's Jokes Over. You can let me down now ". Project Horus is another good application of Open Source software at it's best. Out in the Open. Thanks Andy for sharing.

    I Linux.. ?

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