linux week 2011

  • How Can Cloud Environments Interface With Each Other?

    Our forthcoming Techlines panel discussion is going to examine a wide range of issues surrounding the pros and cons of cloud computing. One topic that’s sure to get an airing is the question of how different cloud environments can communicate with each other, which has also been on a hot topic at this week.

  • Documentation Is Vital When You Want A Project To Succeed

    When you’re trying to kick off a passion project that involves software in some way, it can often seem like getting the actual code up and running is the most important step. However, if you don’t also put the effort into making sure your efforts get documented, you greatly reduce the odds of anyone else…

  • Watch Tux Flying Over Adelaide In A Balloon

    I’m not making any great productivity claims here, OK? But this video — of Tux being flown over Adelaide by Project Horus, a high-altitude balloon project that uses open source technology — was just too cool not to share during Linux Week 2011. And it is a public holiday, after all.

  • Some Useful Basics For Newcomers To Ubuntu

    Getting Ubuntu running on your PC is pretty straightforward, and most of its features are fairly obvious if you’ve been used to a graphical user interface like Windows or Mac OS X. Here’s a handful of tips to help you make the transition and find some useful features if you’ve started playing with Ubuntu.