Channel Ten iPhone App Has TV Guide, Twitter Integration

Channel Ten iPhone App Has TV Guide, Twitter Integration

Channel Ten iPhone App Has TV Guide, Twitter IntegrationChannel Ten has rolled out an iPhone application which rolls together a TV guide, video clips and social networking in a pretty handy package for television addicts.

Commendably, the TV guide actually covers all the free-to-air networks, not just Ten’s offerings. One of the more notable features of its show information section is direct links to the relevant Twitter feed for each show.

The video playback feature seems a tad buggy on my iPod Touch, though unless you’re on Wi-Fi it’s an option you’ll want to avoid anyway. The fact a list of videos loads on the main home screen also made launch performance a bit unimpressive. However, as a first attempt at a network app, it’s pretty good, if not up to the standards of the rival ABC app.

Channel Ten is a free download for iPhone.

Channel Ten


  • Cool app, does actually have every pay and free TV channel in the guide.

    I lol’d though when I saw the frontpage, it’s like a youtube of clips, all 1-2min snippits from some of TEN’s shows, and the only full episodes they have are broken into 6 minute sections 😛

    Then when I had a look at the first clip from one of the full episodes for like a minute, the next time I opened the app about 3/4 of all the ‘featured shows’ clips were all sections of episodes from the same show >.> It’s like one of those ‘learning’ apps, and it learned damn fast.

    • Also, it seems pretty rough. While there is a button to skip forwards a day in the TV guide, there is nothing to go back a day except manually scrolling to the left again.

      Hopefully some things like this will be smoothed out in time. But as said, it is indeed a good first attempt at a network app. Kudos to ten for putting in an effort 🙂

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