Channel Ten App Now On Android (Sort Of)

Almost a year ago, Channel Ten released an iPhone app for checking out its program guide and watching video from some programs. There's now an Android equivalent — but only if you're using a Samsung phone.

One assumes money changed hands to ensure that the Ten app was a Samsung exclusive. It's a pity — even though Samsung is a big player in the local Android scene, going the exclusive route means HTC and Huawei and LG and Motorola and Sony Ericsson owners all miss out. The app is free and runs on any Samsung device with Android 2.1 or greater.



    But I have a Galaxy Nexus....
    So this phone only works on Samsung Android phones that are not the Galaxy Nexus.

    Not a big loss I guess. I don't really watch tv by channel, I watch it by what's on.

      Wow... I have a Galaxy Nexus too and cant get it. How very inconsiderate

      Yes us Galaxy Nexus owners are getting the short end of the stick for our superior phones.

    This is one of the biggest problems with Android handsets, app compatibility. Even the latest handsets seem to struggle with installing apps.

    I remember trying to download the Yahoo Messenger app on my HTC Desire and it said only 2 devices in the entire Android world were supported, both the models never came to Australia.

      This is beyond compatibility, this is deliberately locking out other devices.

      This has nothing to do with compatability. They are deliberately only allowing it on Samsung's app store, which other devices don't have access to.

    Now that explains the ten looks better with Samsung ads I have been seeing

    Who watches free-to-glare TV anywayz?

      This, 9001 times.

    My guess is that the app is blocked at the market level. If you're that desperate, surely the .apk will install? Just need to find it

    I guess this is related to One's "it looks better on a Samsung TV" commercials

    Ive been looking for this app on samsung apps and it wont come up when i search it... Whats with that? And yes i do have a samsung!

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