Business Time Tracks How Long You Work On Various Tasks

Android: Tracking how long it takes to complete a project can be tedious, especially if you work in a job where clients are charged based on the time you spend on a task. Business Time will help you automatically track and manage how long you've spent on various tasks.

The core of Business Time is a timer which runs in the background and is associated with your current task — keeping track of how long you spent doesn't require anything more than starting and stopping the timer as you begin and end a task, which is an easy one-tap action. You can also attach notes (in text or voice form) to each task, along with your current location and any photos you take during the work. Data from the app can be exported in CSV format, which you can then easily import into a spreadsheet or other time-tracking application.

The free version of Business Time restricts you to 5 projects, 50 tasks and 100 timers. The $9.99 Pro version removes those restrictions.

Business Time


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