One SD Is Now Off The Air As 11 Looms

Ahead of the launch of Channel 11 on (predictably) January 11, Ten has pulled the standard definition version of its sports-oriented digital station ONE.

Our favourite television blog TV Tonight reports that the SD version of one has been replaced with continuous promos for 11. On the upside, at least that means its sports broadcasts will still have the option of running in HD, something that is by no means guaranteed with other networks.

One SD is no more [TV Tonight]


    I assume you mean Jan 11th not November 11th?


    November 11? I think you mean January 11.

    I think you mean Jan 11.

    November 11?? I think you mean Jan 11...

      D'oh! Too many rum balls. Fixed now.

    Why "predictably"?
    More predictable would have been 11th November 2011 i.e. 11.11.11 :o)

    Except in Mildura where we still have OneSD and OneHD (No ELEVEN promos for us yet)

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