Lifehacker Mobile Is Ready To Rock Your Phone

We've reworked and revamped Lifehacker's mobile site, and it should now make for friendlier browsing on smaller screens. If you hit our regular site on most mobile phones, you'll get a streamlined single-column version.

We've tested this on all the mobile phones we could get our hands on, but if you do have a mobile which still displays the regular version, let us know in the comments and we'll look into it.


    Nokia N8 Nokia browser no good,Opera and UC browsers OK ! JFYI Iris in my Palm Treo Pro as always perfect,wish Nokia had bought Torch instead of RIM.

    Using iphone 3GS latest firmware, works a treat! looks really really nice! great work! It would be nice without the chunky IBM advert up top =P

    Hopefully the recently touted new Nokia Browser in Jan may fix it. Nokia browsers in general don't seem to like mobile sites much, most of the time they even ignore

    It seems to be displaying the normal site on my HTC Mozart (IE WP7).

    Works great on an iPod touch with iOS 4.2, doesn't work on a Nokia 7230 with Opera Mini (gets regular site).

    My Nokia E63 (crappy phone i know) displays the regular version.

    Gawker mobile versions are shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhite.

    Develop a decent app or I'll stick to the regular site thank you!

      We're not Gawker, BTW.

    Omnia 7 displays the regular site.

    Looks great on my iPhone4, can I request you also upload a webclip icon so we can save the site to our iPhone home screens with the correct LH logo.

    N95 8GB shows regular site

    Dolphin HD on Android 2.2 on HTC Desire shows normal site.

    nokia n8 symbian s63 3rd using opera 10.1 for mobile displays normal site

    Works fine with iPhone 3GS with latest update, looks the same as the above screenshot.

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