BlackBerry Bold 9780 Released In Australia

BlackBerry Bold 9780 Released In Australia

Less than a week before Christmas isn’t perhaps the optimum time to announce a new phone, but given the BlackBerry Bold 9780’s pitching as largely a corporate phone, it’s not too surprising.

Essentially, the Bold 9780 takes the existing Bold design and adds the BlackBerry 6 OS first seen on the touch-screen, slide-out BlackBerry Torch. I’ve been a happy user of the Torch since it appeared, but I must admit that I don’t use the touch screen very often — for most tasks, a keyboard/pointer combo still works better for me. As such, I can see a niche for the 9780 to fill.

BlackBerry developer RIM says that the device will be available through local carriers. A quick scan of current Australian BlackBerry providers didn’t show up any specific 9780 deals yet, but it seems reasonable to assume most higher-priced cap plans will include the phone as an option once the telcos got over their Christmas rush.


  • The 9780 is going to replace some 8800’s and 9000’s for our hardcore blackberry users. for the first time, we’ll be mixing in some touchscreen blackberries (the torch), but the better camera and processing power of the 9780 will probably win a lot of our users over

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