BlackBerry Now Has A Trade-In Program For Older Models

BlackBerry Now Has A Trade-In Program For Older Models

Rocking an older BlackBerry and fancy some Torch action? BlackBerry is offering up to $120 for customers who want to trade in.

Pearl, Curve, Bold, Storm, 8700 and 8800 models are all eligible. To get the maximum value, you need to trade-up to the Torch or Bold 9780. The money is sent as a rebate which can take up to two months to arrive, so it’s not hugely convenient — but if you are thinking of trading up, it’s worth considering. Hit the link for full details of the program.

BlackBerry Tradeup


  • just tried it. quoted $25 for trading in a functioning 8700 for a new torch. Why bother, can get better discount elsewhere or other phone? You get up to $100 for trading in a working 9700 bold, but why would you pay full price for a torch minus $100 for trading in a perfectly good 9700? You could ebay it for more, or have a working spare.
    So kids, the moral is, if you are a little clueless, study marketing as no-one expects much from you!

  • If they trade me in for a playbook w/o a contract, I might consider that. It will be an expense like all blackberrys are but for the playbook, might give it a shot.

  • ‘Desperate times calls for desperate measures’ is quite apt here i should think.

    I was the biggest BB fanboy ever but they have lost me very recently. RIM really needs to sort itself out or they are going to be in all sorts of major trouble.

    9900 could change my mind though….

  • Of course, I’d also recommend anybody considering the blackberry skip the current models and wait for the new bold and torch 2 coming out – what with software updates being dropped for the 9780/9800 nearly immediately, a few months wait will probably pay off in the long run.

  • I’d get $50 for my Curve 8310, for which I paid $100 about 12 months ago. But then I’d be paying retail minus $50 for the new model. No thanks! 🙂

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