Internet Filter Delayed Until At Least 2013

We've known since mid-year that the ludicrous Internet filter concept was on the backburner pending a classification review. Based on current plans, that means there'll probably be no chance to introduce it before 2013.

John Hilvert at iTnews reports that advice prepared to issue to the incoming government suggests that by the time a classification review of the RC category has been agreed to by state Attorneys-General, completed and then implemented into legislation, it is likely to be 2013. Whether the current government is still in power at that point is probably up for debate.

As we've said before: while not getting a filter for a while is good and there doesn't seem much chance filter legislation would make it through the Senate in the current parliament, there's no sign of Labor actually stepping away from its plans. The issue may well go quiet for a while, but this isn't a battle that's been won.

Mandatory ISP filtering stalled until mid-2013 [iTnews]


    Hopefully by 2013, Conroy will be out of office and someone who actually understands whats going on will be in charge of communications

      Neh,.. More likely they'll bring it in under the radar once public scrutiny drops off. Lets face it they're determined to bring it in, so covert is probably how they will roll :(

      Sadly, Conroy is a Senator and will be in until at least 2016, since we just re-elected him.

    I guess its this simple.
    Introduce a filter -or even attempt to- we'll kick you out of office. If every computer user made this clear to their local member they might think twice.

    2013? By that time aren't we coming into calling an election?? Hope the govt feels our anger and scraps it for another few years.

    Another reason to vote Green in 2013.

    Colin you do realise that the Greens give their seats to labour right? lol...

      Guest you do realise that the Greens don't give their seats to labour, that you can decide on your own preferences right? lol…

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