LG Optimus Will Get Updated To Froyo Eventually

LG Optimus Will Get Updated To Froyo Eventually

LG’s Optimus Android model has been available from Telstra since July and from Optus and Vodafone since August, but the device still runs the relatively ancient Android 1.6 release. That will change, but not for a while.

At a launch event yesterday for two new Optimus models (both of which will feature the much newer 2.2 Froyo software), LG officials confirmed that they’re working on an update for the original Optimus model to bring it up to 2.2. Unfortunately, they wouldn’t provide a specific time frame for that shift.

Lagging system software versions is a major nuisance for Android owners, and doesn’t look like it’s going away in a hurry. The new Optimus Chic won’t appear in Australia until early 2011, and thus runs the risk of being overtaken by Froyo’s successor, Gingerbread.

The Optimus One will appear in October with an outright price of $349, which sounds more appealing for those keen to take advantage of Froyo without hacking.

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