Google Buzz Issuing A Privacy Reset Today

Google Buzz Issuing A Privacy Reset Today

Log into Gmail today and, if you haven’t disabled it, there’s a good chance Google’s Buzz social network will prompt you to look over all your privacy settings.

The BBC reports that Google is pushing out a message that will ask Buzz users to review and confirm their privacy settings, as well as “show every aspect of a user’s profile, from public settings to the websites users are connected to, and who they are following or being followed by”. With Buzz facing rebukes from US Congress members and a class-action privacy complaint, it’s probably a smart idea for the service to go out of its way to show users what is and isn’t being shown.

BBC News


  • it would be nice if i could get to gmail AT ALL
    works in firefox, but not in chrome!
    imagine that!
    so i am using firefox to check my gmail, but GOOGLE CHROME won’t even find the page.
    i hate computers.

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